Friday, March 23, 2012

When Food Meets Drink

So I am watching one of my favorite TV shows,Diners,Drive Ins and Dives,when they featured a joint that was offering lobster martinis.What a combination.It was a basic start to a lobster bisque with the liqour of a martini.Served in a martini glass with a lobster claw as a garnish.I love the concept!The mixing of drink and food is a new trend that is still waiting to take off.If you have ever watch Iron Chef America,the chefs are creating food themed drinks all the time.There is a Bar slash restaurant in New York that challenges their chef to create new food based on the ingredients of the new drinks.I wonder what other food drinks we could come up with.Maybe Key Lime Rum Collins?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Great Canadian Food City

I was watching No Reservations the other day and they were talking about the food scene in Chicago and how it was so different than other cities in the US.It got me thinking of what would the greatest Canadian food city.We are such a diverse country that we are still trying to define Canadian food.
Could it be Toronto or Montreal in the east or Winnipeg in central Canada.Vancouver,Edmonton or Calgary in the west.
We have great food in Canada we just have let the world know about it.