Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fish & Chips

Well this is a bit of a home coming for me.If I have one comfort food in this world it is fish and chips.I am of British decent and my father was a fish and chips fanatic.

Growing up there was a little shack that sat on the one of the main streets in my home town.The shack was always there.Every spring it was a rite of passage ,the little fish and chip shop on King Street would open for the season.Night and day through out the summer it would be open.I can remember late night runs after the bars would close for a fish and chip fix and a cold beer .Oh those were the days .

Tonight I am going to recreate that magic,I hope ! I have purchased the freshest haddock that I can find .The potatoes are grown in fields not a mile from my home and I have the plumpest yellowest lemon I could find.What could be simpler?Not much! Just goes to show you that not the most complicated meals are always the best.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Trip

What to do for a spring time getaway?Well why not a jet-setting trip to Old Montreal.
My wife loves music.One of her favorite bands is playing in Montreal in April ,so why not a road trip.
Montreal is not a city that I have spent a lot of time in.It has a rich diverse culture and a European feel.Montreal is the home to some world renown restaurants.Gordon Ramsay and Chuck Hughes both have places as well as world champion race driver Gilles Villeneuve .So here goes a foodies adventure.