Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eat Localy

Eating locally is not only a sustainable way of life but can also be a food adventure.Supporting local farmers weather it is in your region ,province or country is way to ensure that we continue to have the great foods that are natural and not some hybrid,lab inspired genetic creation.Toady's farmers are a dying bread.Men and women that rise early in the morning to work ,that care for the product they create ,not for profit but because it is what they know.It is there way of life.It is there love.
Going on a search for local ingerdiats can be a adventure that takes to places that you only dreamed about.Go!search out local supliers ,you never know what you might find.A new favorite place or a one of a life time trip.
Today I created a dish with wine from the Niagara region of Ontario,vegetables from the province and potato's growing mere miles from our home .

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